D’Antoni Says Lakers Chemistry Will Be Better Without Dwight Howard

NBA: Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers

Technically, this is true.

At least the Lakers don’t have the Dwightmare hanging over their head anymore, but at this point the Lakers need to move on. Dwight wasn’t the only problem the Lakers had last season.

Addition by subtraction? The Lakers can only hope, despite their very public courting of Howard that started a mere eight weeks ago and crashed and burned barely a week later.

“We’ve definitely improved our shooting and I think the chemistry will be better just because the uncertainty has gone away,” D’Antoni said. “A lot of people will know their roles better and what’s going on the floor better. Dealing with free agency day to day, we won’t have those problems.”

We will see if better chemistry leads to more wins.

One thought on “D’Antoni Says Lakers Chemistry Will Be Better Without Dwight Howard

  • Mr. Littal, do you think they expected there would be GOOD chemistry? Then they try to convince him to stay, those GM’s and owners and TPTB with the Laker organization must not watch the same NBA that I watch!

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