Dion Waiters Says He’ll Eventually Be Best SG In NBA



Dion Waiters is a confident dude, so it should be no surprise that he feels his future in the NBA will include multiple All Star appearances, championships, and years of greatness.

Waiters is working extra hard this summer in preparation for his second season in the NBA, and during a conversation with Alex Kennedy of HOOPSWORLD, said that “he’ll eventually be the best shooting guard in the NBA.”

“I’m coming,” Waiters told HOOPSWORLD in a phone interview. “I just feel as though I’m next up as far as shooting guards. If you look around, you know, Kobe [Bryant] and [Dwyane] Wade and those guys, they paved the way for a player like me and they’re almost done. It’s not like that, but I’m just saying, I’m coming. I just want everybody to know that.

“Without a doubt, I really believe that [I’ll eventually be the best shooting guard in the NBA]. This year, I’m going to show a lot of people who doubted me and still doubt me. I’m going to show them. And I don’t need praise and all of that. I just want to be respected. I’m coming. That’s all I have to say. I’ve taken my work ethic to another level and I feel as though I still have something to prove. So, watch out.”

The 21-year-old Waiters averaged 14.7 points per game during and up and down rookie season for the Cavs.


  1. RIGHT NOW as far as Health, STATUS on His Team, Production and League-Wide Profile James Harden is The BEST Shooting-Guard in the NBA… This Dude isn’t even ON THE RADAR Though!!! SMDH

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