Dwyane Wade And Sons Pay Homage To Trayvon Martin On Ebony Cover (Photo)

dwyane wade on ebony trayvon homage

When the news of the murder of Trayvon Martin first garnered nationwide attention, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat were among the first celebrities to pay their respects.

The issue’s cover features Wade and sons and is one of four covers currently on newsstands. On the cover, it features the simple but poignant representation of 3 black males (Wade and sons) donned in hoodies, with the words ‘We are Trayvon’ in red bold text.

The issue also features Spike Lee and his son in one of the covers, and of course the parents of Trayvon Martin and his younger brother in another. Good to see even after the acquittal of Trayvon’s killer, George Zimmerman, that the issue of black males being shot for simply being black still remains a relevant topic.

Amazing cover.

H/T: Miami Herald

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  • These young dudes need to be made aware of the fact that you can’t just throw down on a creepy-ass cracka cus he is looking at you. Every state now has concealed carry and anyone may be carrying deadly force. Fact.

  • The issue of black males killing black males is also alive and well.

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