Ex-Lions WR Uses Instagram to Beg Model Ahni Luv to Let Him See His Son (Photos)

Back in 2010 then Lions WR Derrick Williams and internet model Ahni Luv started dating.  Williams has bounced around from the Lions, to the Steelers and the CFL.

During their time together Williams and Luv had a son.  Williams appears to love his son very much as his Instagram page is littered with photos of boy.

At some point his relationship with Ms. Luv went horribly wrong leading to these series of heartbreaking messages on Instagram.

Ahni Luv Derrick Williams 2

Today marks a month and half without me seeing or hearing from my son. This has been the most hurtful experience anyone can feel as a parent. I have took the right steps on me trying to be with my son but I guess I have to wait. Its crazy that someone would make the decision to keep a child away from their father without a court order without the child being in some type of danger but just because they disagree with the time the father wanted to spend with the child. This has got to stop. People have to realize the roll both parents play in raising a child. I would never do this . I would never hold a child away from their mother. Its absolutely crazy and it shows one’s character.

Its going on 9 weeks without me seeing or hearing from my son. I call and text every day without getting no response. I did everything I could for my child to see I am a great dad and father. It’s absolutely crazy any woman would think its right to keep a kid away from their dad. I have prided myself on being a role model for him. I don’t know what to do and any parent in my position would be going crazy. I have called the police, went to the court-house, called lawyers, called her , called her mom.reached out to friend did everything. in no way have I lack as a father or as a man for him. I have done bday partys , his Christening, emergency doctor appts, school visit with teacher, took him everywhere I could.. all by myself.. I am use to having my son 3 1/2 days out the week. Something that is fair . So again sorry but this is my call out for help . Please can I see my son @ahniluv

Missing my man everyday.. it’s going on 10 weeks without seeing my son. The worst feeling in the world. . Please @ahniluv let me see my child.

I am sick to my stomach on how someone can keep a child away from their parent. I have prayed and prayed just for an update on my son. This week will mark the 11 week without hearing about my son. My mind is racing. I love this kid more than life itself. I miss my boy.

Listen, I don’t know the full story, maybe I am missing something, but I can only go by what I see and it looks to me you have a father who is distraught about not having any communication with his child.

Men (black men specifically) and athletes in particular have a stereotype of being deadbeat fathers, Mr. Williams from a distance seems to be the opposite of that.

Whatever problem Ms. Luv has with him, I urge her for their child’s sake to try to work it out.  If you know Ms. Luv tell her to do the right thing for the child, as she is doing nothing to discourage the stereotype of internet models not being very good mothers.

Ahni Luv Derrick Williams

3 thoughts on “Ex-Lions WR Uses Instagram to Beg Model Ahni Luv to Let Him See His Son (Photos)

  • The #mother how to be a good parent. She isn’t understanding the #childabuse she is putting the boy thru

  • She probably thought she was hooking up with an all start big time receiver and dude turned out to be a marginal role player who got bounced out the league…..she wants to live the good life and he can’t provide it…..guess she should have made sure his old the field skills were on point before she let him knock her up…..maybe she’ll have better luck with the sucker…I mean baller

  • It is so sad so see black athletes make the same mistakes as others did ten, twenty and thirty years ago. Why doesn’t this generation learn from the previous generations?

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