Knicks JR Smith Dyes His Hair Red (Photo)

JR Smith Red Hair

When JR Smith’s father announced that JR was getting rid of his blonde tresses per Coach Mike Woods via Twitter, we thought the spectacle would be over. Not so much because it seems as though JR is going through a Dennis Rodman phase in his life. He certainly has enough tattoos to compare with Rodman.

JR is now donning bright red hair. That’s right folks. For whatever reason, JR has decided that red is the new blonde. I highly doubt Mike Woods will feel that the red is more fitting of the kind of image that he wants his Knicks players to portray, but it’s definitely clear that JR Smith could care less either way.

Personally, I think the red hair looks equally as stupid as the blonde hair, but I doubt in JR’s circle of twodels and groupies anyone will even notice. I would like to extend my condolences to Mike Woods. Maybe he should reach out to Dennis Rodman’s former coach, Phil Jackson, on how to handle personalities such as JR’s.

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