RG3 Dedicating 2013 Season to Kid who has His Face on Prosthetic Leg (Photo)





There has been so many rumors circulating about the drama, or lack thereof, between Redskins Coach Mike Shannahan and QB Robert Griffin III that everyone forgets that RG3 might actually have a soul, and a good one at that. CBS Sports is showing the other side to RG3.


Griffin came across a 13-year old Redskins fan named Rico Felix, who was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his right leg. Because of this, the leg was lost, and Rico has continually needed new prosthetic legs as he grows. Rico was so inspired by RG3 that he decided to put Griffin’s likeness on one side of his prosthetic leg and the Redskins logo on the other. When asked about it, Rico simply said:

“He … he’s inspiring. When he got his leg surgery, it reminded me of me. See, as I grow, my bone grows, so I have to have a surgery. But he inspired me to get back up on my feet after I had surgery.”

RG3 responded when he found out what Rico had done and said:

“I’m speechless.I don’t know what I can say about that, except that it’s an honor.”

RG3 then went on to dedicate the 2013 season to Felix and told him:

“We’re gonna do it this year. We’re gonna do it for you.”