Caption The Photo: Marvin Harrison & Meek Mill Chilling On The Block (Photo)


Marvin Harrison might be one of the most soft spoken, and humble players to ever step on the gridiron.

Here in Philly, he’s just Marv.

Harrison was born and raised in North Philadelphia, and unlike most pro athletes, that’s where you’ll likely find him on most afternoons, albeit doing something positive.

Harrison quietly has amassed a portfolio of about 20 residential and commercial properties in his old neighborhood.

It’s just Harrison, North Philadelphia, and The Manning Boys, but I’ll leave that part alone.

Harrison recently made one of his regular neighborhood appearances when he and North Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill posted this photo to Meeks Instagram.

It will definitely be interesting to see how much of his personal side that Harrison will allow to the casual fan once he’s inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

3 thoughts on “Caption The Photo: Marvin Harrison & Meek Mill Chilling On The Block (Photo)

  • Marvin allegedly shot someone in Philly.
    Dude died later from another shooting.

  • Meek got killas with him right now and u o e n o it

  • You guys should just put me on the pay roll, as the writer of this article have you never seen the E:60 special about him shooting a guy? Who named him then was later murdered? You guys should have better editing or do some research he’s not going in the HOF based on his questionable pass. You think a guy who was catching a100 passes a year just doesn’t get teams knocking down his door when the colts let him go.

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