Giants Player Accused Of Faking Injury Vs Cowboys Suffered Season Ending Injury

giants player IR


This is so sad.

Giants LB Dan Connor was one of the two players accused of faking an injury after he went down on two consecutive plays on Sunday night versus the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones and Tony Romo even went so far as to call the players out afterwards for their actions saying:

“I thought us experts on football were the only ones who could see that,” Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said, laughing and winking. “No, it was so obvious it was funny. It wasn’t humorous because we really wanted the advantage, and knew we could get it if we could get the ball snapped.”

“I thought we got them moving a lot and got them pretty tired during that stretch,” Romo said. “They obviously had a bunch of injuries in that stretch. Tough break, I know. Seemed to come back pretty good after that, though.”

Well, the matter was anything but funny because Connor immediately after exited the game and on Thursday was diagnosed with a season ending neck injury and has been placed on the season ending IR.

Just goes to prove that no matter the NFL’s best intentions sending out a memo telling players to not fake injuries is silly and impossible to prove.  Silly.

H/T: Deadspin