Johnny Manziel Gets Drake OVO Tattooed on His Wrist (Photo)


There’s nothing wrong with tattoos in sports. A lot of athletes have their fair share of them, but sometimes you have to pause and wonder what the motivation was. Yardbarker is reporting the latest in mysterious tattoos belongs to Texas A&M’s very own Johnny Manziel.

Manziel is known for his huge support of rapper Drake so he took it further and got OVO tattooed on his inner right wrist. The tattoo was visible on Saturday during A&M’s rout over Rice. I’m not sure that years down the road Manziel will still feel like this was a good decision. However, I also doubt that he will think most of his recent actions are good ideas still.

2 thoughts on “Johnny Manziel Gets Drake OVO Tattooed on His Wrist (Photo)

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahaha What a fag!!!! The Bieber of college football has another mans birthday month tattooed on him hahahahahahahaha

    How rough Drake a Disney child performer grew up, oh he definitely started from the bottom hahahaha… So let’s see here a fame whore looking up to the biggest poser that’s alive.. That sounds about right!! hahahaha

    The world would be a better place if they both received a bullet to head!!!

  • jack you’re an ass obviously just good friends and manziel is a beast you’re just jealous because you’re not gonna play in the nfl

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