Kevin Durant on Future in OKC: “I Don’t Have Any Plans to Move”

Kevin Durant loves OKC.

3-time scoring champ Kevin Durant switched agencies to Jay Z’s Roc Nation this year and many speculated this was the first sign of him eventually bolted for a bigger market. Durant shot down the speculation by telling fans to chill out.

Durant’s attempt apparently didn’t workout to well, the Thunder superstar is on a tour of Europe to sell Nikes. While there, Durant did a Q&A with fans where he was directly asked about his future in Oklahoma City.

“I like where I’m at right now. I enjoy playing for OKC. As of today, I love it there, man. I want to be there. I love the fans, I love my team, I love everything about the city. I don’t have any plans to move.”

We’ve heard this before from superstars ala LeBron James and Dwight Howard, but Durant doesn’t become a free agent until 2016.