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LeBron James’s Mom New Boyfriend Rapper “Da Real Lambo” (Photos)

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, September 2nd, 2013
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Gloria James Lambo

LeBron and his family have traveled the world on vacation and while most of the focus has been on how good Savannah looks and LeBron’s jacked up feet, Jocks and Stiletto Jill found another interesting nugget.

LeBron’s mom Gloria brought her latest boy toy on the trip. He’s a rapper that no one has ever heard of, who calls himself Da Real Lambo, but I get the feeling he will only have a real Lambo if LeBron buys it for him.  He has no problem wearing LeBron’s championship ring.


Gloria James Lambo 3

According to Jill, he is a big fan of Lebron.  He calls LeBron has role model even though he is older than LeBron.  He seems to be a swindler to me, who is trying to work his way into LeBron inner circle.

His Instagram page is filled with photos of him trying to sneak into LeBron’s photos and acting like LeBron’s things are his.  Crazy male groupie behavior.

Da Real Lambo

Gloria James Lambo 2

Jason Whitlock actually found some video of Da Real Lambo buying some LeBrons at the corner store, dropping N-Bombs and possibly having automatic weapons.

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  1. ELove says:

    THIS Trashy-Azz BYTCH Is just ALL-OUT DISGUSTING and FOUL AF Though!!!!! #SMDH

  2. Doug Chapma says:

    “Dropping N-bombs and possibly having automatic weapons. ..” LOLL.

  3. holmes says:

    lame ass nigga.she can do better.

  4. LB says:

    We all know this guy is just dating Mama to get in with LeBron. Damn…how old is LeBron’s mom anyway…smh…… Dating a wannabee rapper

  5. rese says:

    I would be so mad at this male groupie if I were Lebron and pissed at my mom for this BS. Prolly wouldn’t even invite her. And why Lambo posing so hard in them pink shorts? EW!!!!

  6. Miami Girl says:

    And the next reality show is…. “basketball husbands !” lmao this niggah can have his own show !

  7. Miami Girl says:

    And the sad shit is this dude has 3 kids he barely sees or takes care off. niggah you showing off shoes, buy your son some and tell gloria to send ya kids some money too !

  8. Miami Girl says:

    Niggah need to take care of his THREE kids! he living the life and aint even spendng time, seeng or helping out financially !

  9. this nigguh says:

    That mutha*+$s!!! Straight up nothing. The only famous person he knows is KingJames!!! All radio stations asking who the fu¢× is this wannabe rapper w no lambo? Hood?? His verbiage if anything ….come down, TX show u how to rock the block. When u aint shit u gotta buy it. When ur in the circle you get anything for free!!!! Ha!!!! Busta!!!

  10. MIDSIB says:

    lame ass busta….and stop hanging out with omar epp look-a-likes

  11. tim says:

    hell ain’t they all rappers? who else could she date without going outside her race?

    • Tstarr says:

      she obviously has poor taste in men, just like your comment is in poor taste. There are so many wonderful, upstanding and worthy black men, it’s sad you would make such a blanket statement. i’m not sure if i’m more appalled by her choice in men or by your narrow mind.

  12. jruff says:

    I know Lebron’s mom is grown…..however, he really needs to get a handle on her. This guy is in his personal stuff, wearing his ring and everything. He’ll do anything to get a piece of money. She’s pathetic!

  13. BruniePR says:

    What an asshole!

  14. BaltimoreGirl says:

    Looks like his game is blown. Lebron’s media/PR team needs to handle this clown before his foolishness ruins Lebron’s career.

  15. dagoat62 says:

    This has to be worst than her screwing one of his teammates. I cannot believe that this is the type of guy she wants to be with. I hope this is not the type of fools that she had around when LBJ was a kid.

  16. Sweetyness says:

    Complete and utter ridiculousness…..She should be shamed of herself..Im not judging but fareal….?? She is making a mockery of her son and herself, the pics are ratchet because they are false…cant you see that he is just on a ride, and he even bold enough to bring his friends along smh..him and his boys are terribly dehydrated !!!!! Thirsty!!!!..we see you jigga , even if Lebrons mama acting like she blind. He must have d**ked her downnnnnnnn good….This is some true to life BITCH shit…Get yo life by yo self …and get off this BLIND, black womens back ! you boo boo

  17. kb says:

    n.c. (no class)

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