LeBron James’s Mom New Boyfriend Rapper “Da Real Lambo” (Photos) – BlackSportsOnline
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LeBron James’s Mom New Boyfriend Rapper “Da Real Lambo” (Photos)

Gloria James Lambo

LeBron and his family have traveled the world on vacation and while most of the focus has been on how good Savannah looks and LeBron’s jacked up feet, Jocks and Stiletto Jill found another interesting nugget.

LeBron’s mom Gloria brought her latest boy toy on the trip. He’s a rapper that no one has ever heard of, who calls himself Da Real Lambo, but I get the feeling he will only have a real Lambo if LeBron buys it for him.  He has no problem wearing LeBron’s championship ring.


Gloria James Lambo 3

According to Jill, he is a big fan of Lebron.  He calls LeBron has role model even though he is older than LeBron.  He seems to be a swindler to me, who is trying to work his way into LeBron inner circle.

His Instagram page is filled with photos of him trying to sneak into LeBron’s photos and acting like LeBron’s things are his.  Crazy male groupie behavior.

Da Real Lambo

Gloria James Lambo 2

Jason Whitlock actually found some video of Da Real Lambo buying some LeBrons at the corner store, dropping N-Bombs and possibly having automatic weapons.