Report: Lakers Don’t Believe They Can Sign LeBron In Free Agency


LeBron James has no idea what he’s going to do in free agency, and that suits the Lakers just fine.

TrueHoop is reporting that most of the major players within the Lakers organization honestly don’t believe that they’ll be able to sway James into becoming Laker.

“Within the organization there isn’t a single person that believes we can bring LeBron aboard,” one source close to Lakers management said.

“I don’t know if we’ll get a star player,” Mitch Kupchak recently said.

Reports suggest that the obvious lack of cap room, and perceptions that Kobe Bryant is hard to play with seem to make things bleak for the Lakers in free agency next summer.

“Ramon Sessions left the Lakers for the Charlotte Bobcats in free agency last offseason and sources with knowledge of his thinking say tricky Laker politics, where the blame tends to fall everywhere but with Bryant, was also on his mind.”

“Pau [Gasol] is a two-time champion and a five-time All-Star and he’s one of the most disrespected players ever,” notes one agent. “He gets bad press all the time.”

2 thoughts on “Report: Lakers Don’t Believe They Can Sign LeBron In Free Agency

  • If I were the Lackers(Mis-spelling intended), I would trade Kobe Bryant to a crappy team in exchange for a high first round draft pick. Lackers have gone as far as they can go with the aging black mamba. Time to rebuild, trade Kobe and hope the Lackers can draft Andrew Wiggins.

  • One more thing, the day Lebron comes to LA is the day the NFL comes back to LA; in other words, neither is going to happen!

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