Sixers Royce White Pays Mexican Strippers For His Sex and Drug Parties (Photos)

Royce White Sex Parties

Nothing illegal, well maybe technically illegal to buy strippers and get high all the time, so let me say this isn’t an uncommon story.

The only reason it is relevant is because of the scam Royce White appears to be running on the NBA and media. If you are to believe White, he has a social anxiety disorder and causes him not to play basketball.

If you believe this story that I was alerted by Jocks and Stiletto Jill, then you would understand why most people think White is just a con artist.

“Last month, Royce invited two Mexican strippers from Minneapolis to stay at his home. He paid them each two-racks so he could humiliate them, and he and his boys could gang-bang them. He even videotaped the entire session.”

“Royce loves guns. He likes playing with ‘em. He even keeps a hand gun under his pillow when he sleeps.”
“Royce likes to show his sex tapes to his house guests when they come to his spot in Sugarland [Houston]. That house is used for GMB’s office … and it’s sex central station!”

Royce White Sex Party weed

“Royce has four baby mommas … two from Minneapolis, one from Miami and one from Houston. He’s beaten on all of them, and even gave one of them chlamydia last month. He’s got three daughters and one son and doesn’t provide child support for any of them. They’re all scared to call the cops ’cause they know he can snap.”

To be fair when these “leaks” are going to Baller Alert and Diary of a Street King, you have to wonder about the credibility of the information.  The photos let you know that the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

What we do know is this, Royce has a lot of baby mamas for someone who just turned 22 years old.  He has been known to stretch the truth at times and he is currently under investigation for domestic assault.  Lastly, he seems to be able to do everything except play basketball.

It is my opinion, he’s a fraud who is using his social anxiety disorder as an excuse for bad and lazy behavior.  Nothing more, nothing less and if you choose to think otherwise, I just believe you are naive.