Stevie Johnson Says No Patriots Player Can Stop Him


Stevie Johnson is already in midseason form.

The Bills wide receiver must sense some vulnerability within the Patriots organization, because he’s talking big trash.  Johnson made waves yesterday when he stated that Patrick Chung couldn’t stop him. 

Only problem with that comment was that Chung no longer is a Patriots player, and signed with the Eagles during the off-season.

Johnson either wasn’t paying attention, or felt that strongly about the Patriots lack of playmakers in secondary.  Either way, Stevie Johnson made it clear that he doesn’t “think any player on the Patriots defense can stop him.”

“I don’t think they got nobody that can stop me,” Johnson said this afternoon at One Bills Drive. “For real.”

“They’re athletic,” Johnson said. “I give a lot of credit to the New England Patriots. I haven’t played against Aqib Talib yet. I’ve checked him out on tape, long, athletic, try to play with vision. They play as one unit.”

Aqib Talib is no Darrelle Revis, but I look forward to seeing how he matches up against the brash wide receiver.