Aaron Hernandez Investigated for Passing Secret Messages to Other Inmates


The drama never seems to end for Aaron Hernandez. Yesterday we reported that another inmate had attempted to steal his ID badge. TMZ has learned that now the former NFL star is now being investigated for allegedly passing messages to other inmates.

It appears that when the inmate who stole Hernandez’s ID was confronted, he spilled more information than just his confession of the theft of the ID badge. The inmate claims that Hernandez contacted him soon after the attempted theft and sent him a book, “Bad Boy Brawly Brown,” that had a two-page note written by Hernandez. The content of the note seems harmless. Hernandez says:

“I heard you are the one that tried to steal my ID! That’s crazy lol!”

The rest of note is basically Hernandez claiming he’s innocent and the same things he’s been saying the letters that some of his pen pal fans released to the media. However, the problem is that passing notes between inmates is strictly forbidden and considered a serious offense. Sources from the jail says that Hernandez and the other inmate will be interviewed to determine the truth to the story, and if it does turn out to be true, there will be serious consequences.

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  • Hang the prick. He is guilty as guilty gets. He’s nothing but a low life thug.

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