Adrian Peterson Ask People To Stop Tweeting Pictures Of Adrian Jr.


As we’ve been reporting for the past few days now, Adrian Peterson had a young son pass away on Friday after a savage beating at the hands of the mother’s boyfriend.

During the first several hours of the news cycle, there was some confusion among media types about whether the young child in question was Adrian Peterson Jr.

Several sports sites and blogs chose to run pictures of Adrian Peterson Jr.  It wasn’t until hours later that we found out Adrian Peterson had a second son with a woman who had recently relocated to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The paternity of the young child had reportedly been in question even up until his last hours of life.

A woman in Sioux Falls who is close to the mother involved in the tragic story about Adrian Peterson’s two-year-old son says the fact AP had a child living in Sioux Falls was “a secret.”

She said the mother of the child had a casual relationship with AP when she lived in the Twin Cities (she’s since moved to South Dakota). She became pregnant, but wasn’t sure about the identify of the father “until just recently.” A paternity test revealed that the dad was indeed Adrian Peterson. Our source says Peterson isn’t identified as the father on the birth certificate of the child, who goes by his mother’s last name.

Before the paternity test, the mother knew the father “could’ve been one of two guys,” she said.

Our source says Adrian was aware he was the father of the child before this week’s tragic incident. Previous reports have indicated Adrian only has two children, Adrian Jr. and a daughter named Adeja.

Amid all the confusion by the media and rush to be first with a story, Adrian Peterson took to Twitter Saturday morning to ask that people please stop tweeting out pictures of a healthy and alive Adrian Peterson Jr.

Can we all please respect his wishes.



9 thoughts on “Adrian Peterson Ask People To Stop Tweeting Pictures Of Adrian Jr.

  • It’s a tragedy what happened to his son. However the elephant in the room is here is another example of an athlete having multiple children out of wedlock with multiple women. Adrian Peterson likes to go around and level judgement on others (gays, athletes using PED)using his religion and this shows his hyprocrisy. He like to proselytize about Jesus (“my PED is Jesus juice)when he needs to look at himself.

  • Craig w if you have nothing better to say
    then don’t say anything. Have some respext for the man and his dead child. No one is perfect..and we are all with Sin. EVEN IF AP IS saying what he is sayong about Jesus, who are you to crticise…he did not sin against me or youbut the Almighty God..and will only have to answer to him on that last day. If God was like man …..we would all be dead…just look atbthe world today!! RIP AP’S 2 YEAR OLD ANGEL!

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