Brandon Weeden Deletes His Twitter After Underhand INT Goes Viral


It was a funny interception, so I can understand people ribbing Weeden about it on Twitter. As you know sometimes that ribbing can cross the line and that is why Weeden is no longer on Twitter.

Weeden is avoiding media reports and talk radio. He took it a step further as to what he has erased from his life.
“The easy ones are obviously social media, which obviously has … you know … turned into a joke,” he said.

Weeden deleted his Twitter account. He said both he and his wife have sworn off social media.

“I don’t have it any more,” he said. “She got rid of it, too.

“Get rid of the temptation. It’s on your phone. There’s temptation and … it’s useless.” At one point, Weeden alluded to a sample criticism that does him no good:

“I’m mature enough to not listen to what a 7-year-old kid has to tell me how to play quarterback.”

Might want to listen to that 7-year-old, just saying.