Pacers F Danny Granger out Three Weeks With Calf Injury



The Indiana Pacers today announced that oft-injured former all-star Danny Granger is set to miss the opening weeks of the 2013-14 season.

Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger will miss approximately three weeks as he rehabilitates a strained left calf injury sustained in the preseason. The length of time is a precautionary measure as the team wants to ensure Granger is physically ready to play in light of missing all but five games last season due to his knee injury. The rehabilitation time is strictly related to the calf injury.

I think the Pacers will be relieved that it’s not a recurrence of the knee injury that sidelined him for virtually all of last season but at the same time, they must be concerned with the fact that he can’t make his way back onto the court for what seems like more than a few weeks at a time.

One thought on “Pacers F Danny Granger out Three Weeks With Calf Injury

  • It is difficult and suggestive to say this is good news for the Pacers. Fans (myself included) would prefer Granger on the court. I only want to see a healthy Granger on the court. The Pacers roster can allow Granger some time to regain some health. It’s best to allow Granger to rest and see where the young wings are progressing or lack-there-of. Granger becomes healthy, helps lead the team/trade, etc (best case). There is nothing to lose attempting to get Danny Granger healthy. We will need him or someone equitable for a playoff run.

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