Panthers’ Mike Mitchell Says Roger Goodell Pockets Fines

Carolina Panthers Mike Mitchell

Carolina Panthers’ safety Mike Mitchell was fined Monday for taunting after a play that he would later learn ended Rams’ quarterback Sam Bradford’s season. But after giving some very candid opinions about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell he may be on his was to a 6th.

Mitchell says he thinks Goodell has a system where he targets certain certain players.

“Roger being Roger, I guess,” Mitchell said. “To be honest, I think there is a little bit of a targeting system they have out. And I think I’m one of the guys they’ve been looking for, but I’m OK with that. The coaches and my teammates know who I am, know the type of player I am.”

And where do the fines go?

“Right in Roger’s pocket, Mitchell said, staring into a television camera. “Right in his pocket. On camera, right in his pocket is where it’s going.”

“There’s going to be (more). We have nine games left, and I’m not going to change the way that I play,” Mitchell said. “I’m not getting penalties. I’m not playing dirty. I’m not hitting anyone to the head. If you want to fine me on these little judgmental things, keep them coming. It’s a write-off.”

Goodell pocketing fines? Things that make you go hmmmmm. I’m sure Mitchell isn’t the only player that thinks this.

Well, at least he’s getting a tax benefit, because I’m sure he’ll be getting another FedEx envelope pretty soon.

H/T: Charlotte Observer