Joe Mauer To Move To First Base Full Time In 2014

mauer moving to first


The inevitable has happened.

The Twins have finally faced reality when it comes to Joe Mauer’s long-term health and have begun the move to transitioning him into a full time first baseman.

After a myriad of concussion related issues following his 2009 MVP winning season Mauer is slated to play all of 2014 at first. The Twins issued this statement:

“After consultation with doctors from Mayo Clinic and team doctors, and given the inherent risks of future injury at the catcher position, the organization and Joe determined that it would be in the best interest of both him and the Twins for a position change,”

Mauer is now 30 and has finally shown glimpses of returning to his former MVP self, even with his power numbers down, Mauer is still the Twins’ most prized possession. Plus, with 5 years left on his contract the Twins were going to have to make some kind of move eventually.

Hopefully the move will revitalize his career. Mauer’s unorthodox athleticism for a catcher should bode well for his switch to the infield. The right move was made.

H/T: CBS Sports