Louisville Women’s Coach Will Buy First 2500 Fans Beer

Jeff Walz

I’m starting to think the only way to get people to attend women’s basketball games is to entice them with free. Free food, free T-shirts, free anything. Last week Kansas State tried to entice fans to attend their women’s basketball game by giving away free bacon and according to CBS Sports, Louisville women’s basketball coach Jeff Walz has bought into the idea.

Walz has promised to purchase beer for the first 2500 of-age fans who attend the Lady Cardinals’ game against No. 14 LSU on Thursday. Apparently the promotion was Walz’ idea leading me to believe the Louisville coach does not have many financial worries.

“We’re just trying to have a little bit of a good time here at the ballgame,” Walz said to The Courier Journal. “Make sure you have a designated driver if you want to come and have a few of them.”

“It’s a little way to say thanks to all our adults who come and support us, and we’re just trying to get some of our fans who haven’t come out, to come out one time and get a drink and enjoy the ballgame and hopefully grab the attention of a few more fans.”

I wonder if Rick Pitino has to entice fans with free beer to get them to attend the men’s basketball games.