Report: RG3 Asked for Bad Plays of Him Not to Be Shown; Redskins Deny It


When you are winning a lot of these things are swept under the rug.

When you are losing every little thing you do rises to the surfaces. If this is true, it shows that RG3 is cracking a little bit under the pressure, is a bit insecure and starting to realize the power you had in college isn’t the same as in the pros.

When it comes down to coach vs. franchise player, it is normally the franchise player that wins out. What that means for the Redskins is that Mike Shanahan will be shown the door after the season. It doesn’t matter the coach though, if RG3 doesn’t start maturing more.

It reminds me slightly of what happened to Vince Young in Tennessee, he led the Titans to the playoffs he rooking year, a lot of praise was heaped on him and then it went downhill from there. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen with RG3 and this is just a bump in the road.

Only time will tell.


Mike Shanahan disputes the report.

Someone is lying and someone is leaking info (true or false info we just don’t know).  Is this a case where someone is trying to make RG3 look bad or someone is trying to protect RG3?

You have to make the call on that.

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