Urban Meyer Says The BCS is “a flawed system”


Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer sees the writing on the wall for his team this year and it doesn’t look good. In the latest BCS standings only .0014 points separate his #3 Buckeyes and #4 Baylor Bears. If the Bears beat Oklahoma State on the road this week, they will jump Ohio State. It is impossible for Ohio State to make the title game if all the top teams win out so Urban doesn’t like the BCS right now according to the AP:

Meyer called the BCS “a flawed system” and said that it was great “for a while.”

If I were Meyer, I would be mad about the BCS too but the situation Ohio State finds itself in is not really the BCS’ fault. They play in a very weak Big 10 so they aren’t able to rack up conference wins against ranked opponents. Plus they didn’t do themselves any favors with their out of conference schedule.

Sorry Urban, better luck next year with the 4 team playoff.

One thought on “Urban Meyer Says The BCS is “a flawed system”

  • Did Urban Meyer think it was a flawed system when he was winning national championships at the University of Florida?

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