Bob Arum Thinks Cotto vs. Martinez Can Draw 50K to MetLife Stadium



If the fight takes place it will likely be at Madison Square Garden, but Arum has bigger plans.

“I think it could do a huge number in MetLife Stadium,” Arum said. “We’d set it up for 40,000 or 50,000.”

“Martinez has said that if we did it in the MetLife Stadium,” Arum said, “he would buy for the Argentine fans both here in Florida and from Argentina, who would come to the fight, $1 million worth of tickets. That’s what he has told us. That’s what he has proposed through [adviser] Sampson [Lewkowicz].”

I doubt they could get 50k. I think a more reasonable number would be 20k, but first let’s get the fight signed.


  1. Bob Arum is delusional if he thinks he can draw 50,000 people to one of his boxing matches. His last fight couldn’t draw one million pay-per-view buys.

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