Darrelle Revis: Bucs Need To Make Some Changes


We know there will be changes, I just wonder if Darrelle Revis will be one of them.

No seriously, Revis is a keeper.

I’m not sure if he was referring to players, or coaches, but Darrelle Revis told ESPN.com that serious changes need to be made in Tampa Bay.

“I think we do need to change some things this offseason as we move forward as players and as coaches and figure things out and try to turn the win-loss column to more wins,’’ Revis said. “There are some adjustments we’ve got to make in the offseason, but we will. We’ll do that and try to turn things around.

“After every season, you’ve always got to evaluate yourself. That’s the process. You’ve got to evaluate yourself as a player and as coaches as well. We’ve all got to do it and try to figure out a way to be better in 2014.’’

Revis, who has no problem throwing his weight around as a star,  said he would welcome the opportunity to meet with coaches and players to talk about what changes are necessary to make the Bucs a winning team.

“This is my seventh year,’’ Revis said. “After every year I’ve talked to coaches and players and tried to figure out a way how we can be better the next year. I’m sure the coaches are going to be very open to that and players are going to be very open to talking and try to figure out what was the problem and what we need to fix moving forward to be a better team next year.”