David West Says LeBron Wasn’t Hurt & Heat Stole the Game From Them


West, Luck

Agree with this statement.

“You guys buy into the hype of him being hurt and all that other stuff,” Indiana power forward David West said. “We don’t believe that.”

I disagree with this statement.

“They stole the game from us,” West said.

I think LeBron was being a little dramatic about his ankle injury, but you don’t steal games in the NBA. The Pacers simply blew a game they were in total control of.


  1. David West not showing no character and sounding like a coward after a regular season lost. Paul George is a diva and need to seat back and watch how Lebron, Ray Allen and D Wade carry themselves. They took last week’s lost like men and fought again another day.

  2. Then still it back and stop bytchin’ Seriously, I understand the frustration, but you need to pay attention to the teams you still have to play. There are 82 games in the season. Just play and prove people wrong. SMH.

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