ESPN Says Anthony Bennett Is “Looking Like The Worst Top Pick In 20 Years”

Chad Ford says Anthony Bennett looks like worst top pick in 20 years.

Cleveland shocked everyone when selecting Anthony Bennett with the top pick of the 2013 NBA draft. We’re a quarter into the season and Bennett hasn’t done anything to prove the critics wrong.

Bennett is averaging a dismal 2.2 points a game in 10 minutes. What’s even worse is his field goal percentage of 27%. Want me to keep piling on? Okay I will.

He’s shooting 17% from distance and only 37% from the free throw line.

Those numbers are so hideous that Chad Ford of ESPN said the following:

“It’s very early,” analyst Chad Ford cautions, “but right now, he’s looking like the worst in the past 20 years. That includes Greg Oden. Oden was injured all the time, but when he played, he at least looked like a No. 1 pick.”

It is indeed very early, but Bennett has along way to go to say the least.