Jameis Winston Accuser Says She Identified Him in Class After Rape


Jameis Winston may have been cleared of the sexual assault allegations brought against him by a female FSU student, but his accuser is standing firm by her story according to TMZ. The accuser says at the time that the incident occurred in December 2012 she knew he was an FSU football player but had no idea what his name was.

Last month one of her close friends, Monique Kessler, gave her testimony under oath to authorities about how everything unfolded.

“[The accuser] went to one of her classes and she made direct eye contact with [Jameis], and he looked in shock, and so did she.”

“She said she just knew right then it was him – and listened for them to call roll in class. [She] listened to him say [his name].

According to Kessler, when the accuser recognized who he was and found out his name, she then reported it to the authorities at TPD.  The charges against Winston were dismissed for lack of evidence, but the family of the accuser will be having a press conference this morning.