Kendrick Perkins Kicks Joakim Noah Out of Thunder’s Locker Room

Kendrick Perkins

This all sounds about right. I can see both sides of it. Noah was invited it by Thabo (they played together on the Bulls), Perkins took exception to that because Perk takes exception to everything.

The following conversation then took place.

Most of the Thunder players backed Perk, but it appears it is Thabo who was in the wrong not Noah.

One thought on “Kendrick Perkins Kicks Joakim Noah Out of Thunder’s Locker Room

  • It’s actually not unheard of for a player to enter their opponents locker room after a game…..though it’s rare and generally has happened “after” playoff finals etc. as apposed to regular season games. Dennis Rodman (while playing for the Spurs) went into the Lakers locker room after knocking LA out of playoff contention. At first the initial Laker players reaction was “WTF?” …but then it quickly became….”Oh, it’s Dennis…of course Dennis would pull this”. No trouble…. no conflict….a few jokes and trash talking but it was all good!

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