Mayweather vs. Khan Reportedly is a Done Deal


Here is the thing, we can all complain and moan about it or we can just pray that Khan makes the fight competitive and in boxing you never know what can happen.

Saying Khan would be a huge underdog would be an understatement, but if this is the fight that is announced we are going to have to find some ways that Khan could pull the upset.  He is a little bit of a different fighter than Floyd has been dealing with.  He’s a lot smaller and faster (also with a glass jaw).

Speed fighters have given Mayweather some small issues in the past, but we are splitting hairs, since Mayweather hasn’t had many issues with any fighters over the years.

One thing we know is the Brits will drink and be merry.

One thought on “Mayweather vs. Khan Reportedly is a Done Deal

  • This is one of many reasons why boxing will never return to it’s former glory!

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