Mike Wallace Says He’s a Great Player

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans

Wallace definitely has a great contract and he isn’t short on confidence. He had a good game against the Jets, so he was feeling like puffing his chest out a bit.

“This is the time when you’ve got to be the best you can be,” Wallace said, via theMiami Herald. “It’s December. I’ve had enough time to get adjusted. It’s the time for me to be the player I know I am, no matter [what]. Just block out everything and play football. I’m a great player, I know that. It’s all that really matters. … Let’s call a spade a spade.”

How many wide receivers would you take before Mike Wallace?  5, 10, 20?  If we are really calling a spade a spade he is a good player, that needs to be more consistent, before anyone would call him a great player.