Paul Pierce: I’ve Adjusted To Role As 6th Man


If the Brooklyn Nets are able to make some kind of run in the playoffs, remember the moment Paul Pierce and Jason Kidd decided that Pierce moving to the bench was the answer.

If though Kidd still hasn’t formally discussed Pierce as sixth man with his staff, Kidd and the Nets have to see Pierce flourishing right?

According to ESPN New York there still hasn’t been a discussion about the matter, but Kidd notices the difference.

“We haven’t talked yet,” Kidd said after practice, before the Nets traveled to Philadelphia for Friday night’s game against the 76ers. “We will talk later on.

“But, we like where Paul’s at right now.”

This stretch of games is the most comfortable the Nets as a unit has looked.  Pierce being the ultimate professional he is, says he truly doesn’t mind coming off the bench.

“I am just starting to get things going after the start to the season,” Pierce said. “My hand is feeling good, my groin is feeling good, understanding the system and understanding my spots — that is about it.”

Pierce insists he does not mind about coming off the bench for the first time to be the team’s sixth man, if that is what the Nets need.

“I mean, I don’t really care,” Pierce said. “I have adjusted. I have been a starter my whole career and I am making an adjustment as a player coming off the bench.

“You just have to watch the game, help the guys on the sideline, you get a chance to see and understand what is going on out there instead of starting out the game. It is definitely a mental adjustment and I think I am making that adjustment and figuring it all out with that role off the bench.”

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