Bosh’s Baby Mama Files for Bankruptcy, Blames Bosh

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh’s baby mama, Allison Mathis has filed for bankruptcy and is mad that Chris Bosh “only” pays her $3,000 a month in child support. According to Radar Online:

Allison Mathis, the mother of the baller’s 5-year-old child,filed for Chapter 13 in Florida and, despite her baby daddy being worth millions from his 6-year contract, Radar has exclusively obtained the documents that detail her poverty pleadings.

The documents detail Mathis’ finances as a monthly income of $3,985 with expenses of $1,615 and states that she only has $1,250 in her checking account, $18,000 in her savings account, furniture and jewelry worth $3,700, and a 2007 BMW worth about $15,000 and owes $284,000 on her Windemere, Florida home.

Mathis states her income is minimal – she declares that she makes $800 a month and receives $2,685 in child support from Bosh and receives $500 a month from family to supplement her income.

These two have been fighting in court for years over custody and financial support. Bosh even sued her to keep her off Basketball Wives.

As always be careful who you start having kids with to avoid these situations.


3 thoughts on “Bosh’s Baby Mama Files for Bankruptcy, Blames Bosh

  • Chris Bosh is a smart brother. He wasn’t going to standby and let a woman use the child to finance the high lifestyle she wanted. $3000 a month is more than enough when the father is still involved and making sure the kid has everything she needs. This lady needs to get a job and stop looking for handouts.

    • I agree.

  • The easy way to solve this is for her to go get a job and stop looking at what Chris makes. If it was another brotha with a regular job she would be more than happy to rob him of that 3 gran. She just looking for a meal ticket.

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