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The BSO Staff gives their predictions for the Super Bowl.

Robert Littal (@blksportsonline)

In the immortal words of Rasheed Wallace…

“Ball Don’t Lie”

Historically when a great offensive team goes up against a great defensive team, the defensive team wins. I think the Seahawks will slow down the Broncos just enough and the Seahawks will score just enough points to win a very physical game.

Seahawks 21 Broncos 20

Kel Dansby (@KelDansby🙂

I think it’s Peyton’s time to em get on Eli’s level…

Okay all jokes aside, the Broncos can score on anyone & I don’t have faith in Seattle’s offense to come from behind. Everything is great when they can pound Lynch but late in games & down isn’t one of those times. Russell Wilson is young and no matter how great he may be, he isn’t Peyton. The Seahawks will lead at half 14-10 but lose in the end by a game winning Denver field goal.

Broncos 27 Seahawks 24

Mark Gunnels (@RealMarkGunnels)

Seattle’s offense gets stagnant at times and their defense won’t be able to get off the field enough against Peyton Manning.

Broncos 27  Seahawks 20

Simone Bridges (@simonebridges)

The team I have picked to win the Super Bowl is the Denver Broncos. The reason I picked Peyton and company is because I think their offense is good enough to overcome Seattle’s defense. I think Seattle has the best defense in the league but I also think it is flawed and that Manning will have his way with them. Also, call it corny but I really just believe this is Peyton’s time. Even though this is a team sport we all know he will receive all of the glory if they win and all of the blame if they lose, and so does he. He is going to put this team on his back like he has done all season long and complete his destiny by winning his second Super Bowl reinforcing his status as one of the greatest of all time.

Broncos 28 Seahawks 19

Phil Jackson (@philwotg)

Picked the Broncos to win it all before the season, no way I’m going back on that now. The Seattle secondary is great, but I give a slight edge to Manning & his group of receivers. Russell Wilson has been playing extremely Alex Smith-ish for about a month now, no way he can score enough to keep up with Manning.

Broncos 31 Seahawks 17

Natasha Paul (@SportsTalkTLady)

Seahawks to win. With the Hawks secondary and pass rush I find it hard pressed to believe that even Peyton Manning can get past them. Manning has a lot of offensive weapons but the Hawks have someone that can matchup really well with every one of those weapons. I don’t believe this is going to be a Manning shootout like everyone seems to be predicting. Hawks will control the ball and win the game.

Seahawks 20 Broncos 17

Vashti Hurt (@vashtihurt)

I’ve been pondering which team I think will win the Super Bowl since the match-up was set two weeks ago. The #1 offense against the #1 defense, in the biggest game on the biggest stage should certainly serve for a riveting battle. Conventional knowledge would say pick the team with the better defense, especially in cold weather. But I’m finding it extremely hard to bet against one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time in Peyton Manning. If there’s one thing we know about Peyton, is that it’s hard to outsmart him and with the opportunity to end his career on the highest of all notes he’ll do everything he needs to do to make sure the Broncos win and the defense will do enough to stop Beast Mode.

Broncos 24 Seahawks 20

Greg Smith (@gregsmithBSO)

Denver has looked on a mission all season. To me this game comes down to Seattle’s offense not being consistent enough to match what Denver can do. While Seattle’s defense is the best in the league, someone other than Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas will have to make a play in the secondary. Peyton will find a weakness and get his second ring, putting himself in the GOAT conversation with just 2 rings.

Broncos 24 Seahawks 14

Erin Simon (@erinasimon)

Seahawks’ defense is physical and they capitalize on mistakes that offenses make. Russell Wilson has to NOT TURNOVER THE BALL and the Seahawks have to let Beastmode do what he does and run. The Legion of Boom will have to force Peyton Manning to hold the ball while the defensive line will have to win their one on one battles vs a great pass blocking offensive line.

Richard Sherman will have to continue his lock down coverage on stand out receiver Demaryius Thomas and force the other receivers (Wes Welker, Julius Thomas and Eric Decker) to make plays.

One key to this game will be Broncos’ offensive time of possession/turnovers. How long can the Seahawks keep Peyton and the No. 1 scoring offense off of the field? If Denvers’ offense spends a lot of time out on the field, that will not be good. According to Sports Illustrated, this is the fifth Super Bowl since the NFL merger that the No. 1 scoring offense went against the No. 1 scoring defense and defense has been favored to win. However, they are going up against Peyton Manning. The weather will be cold and if it isn’t stable, it will help the Seahawks out. This will be a true test to Peyton and Seahawks Defense.

Seahawks 24 Broncos 21

Luck (@luckuncut)

Seattle has more on the line. Their defense is ranked number one and they have a mobile QB who’s learned to use his height to his advantage. With Percy Harvin back in the line up and Marshawn Lynch with his skittles, i think Seattle might have this one in the bag. Wilson has too many weapons including his defense to not win this game. Oh, Yea can we forget Richard Sherman? I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some huge plays as well. Just expect Seattle to bring their “A” game to Metlife. Either way this Super Bowl is bound to be one for the books.

Seahawks 24 Broncos 21

TJ (@TJellyn)

My Superbowl pick is the Broncos. Simply because I don’t think the Seahawks defense will be able to get to Peyton nearly enough times to slow him down, he has too many weapons and oh yea Seattle won’t have the 12th man to back them up.

Broncos 24 Seahawks 16

Glenn (@thacover2)

My 2 Keys To Game:
Can the Broncos limit Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks ground game. The Seahawks are a run-first team and depend on Lynch to open up their passing game.

Can The Seahawks lock down all of Manning’s horses who’ve combined 4,284 yards and 47 touchdowns. Seattle’s secondary is terrific, but the Denver weapons are as well.

I think the difference in the game will come down to the two quarterbacks, and Russell Wilson simply isn’t quite ready at this time.

Denver 28 Seattle 24

Ashley (@girllovesports)

this is a battle of potent offense against an unstoppable defense. As we know, the cliche of ‘defense wins championships’ often holds true. I see the Seahawks defense not only stopping Manning and the Broncos from getting off on long drives, but also the secondary making scoring plays too. If Wilson can just be the game manager is he, then it should be smooth sailing for the Seahawks. The bulk of the pressure is on Manning, who NEEDS to win this year. May be too much for him to bare.

Seahawks 24 Broncos 21

Patrick Sicher (@psicher)

After Richard Sherman’s epic post game rant with Erin Andrews, the comparisons to WWE and the nickname Macho Man were made. Randy Savage is a legend in wrestling, but its easy to forget that he was a midcard talent for a long time. He was Intercontinental champion long before he moved up to the top of the card. That is where the Seahawks are right now. Can they win this game and prove they arent just Mr. Perfect? They can, but the problem is that the guy on the other sideline is 1980’s Hulk Hogan.

To steal a quote from another wrestling champion, Peyton Manning is the five time, five time, five time league MVP. When surgery took away his fastball, he developed a nasty curve. There is a lot of talk about his legacy if he loses, and while I personally dont think a loss in the Super Bowl would diminishes anything, I hope he wins just to shut up the pundits.

Most of my colleagues have this as a close game, but I just see Manning coming out and having a Super Bowl for the ages. The Seattle defense is phenomenal, but I think Dr. Manning will clinically dismantle the Seahawks. While I would not be shocked if this game ended up a close one, my gut says this will be similar to when the 49ers beat the Chargers in 1995.

Which reminds me, i won $500 on that Game as an 18 year old. Good Times.

Denver 49 Seattle 21

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  • Super Bowl, New York City (Market numer 1), bad guys (Richard Sherman) vs. good guys (Peyton Manning). Manning is on his last leg (Neck). I believe the NFL wants to crown Manning as the greatest of all time. What better way to make Manning the greatest than to win the Super Bowl in NYC! Broncos will win. Expect to see some controversial calls. Yes I believe the NFL is fixed to!

    P.S. I son’t think the NFL will allow their star player to end his career with one ring and his younger brother with two rings!

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