Doug Baldwin: It’s Ridiculous NFL Forces Marshawn To Talk To Media

marshawn skittles

Marshawn Lynch has provided quite the bit of entertainment over the past two days during his quest to avoid speaking to the media at the Super Bowl.

Media types are up in arms, with the PFWAA ripping Lynch yesterday for his standofish ways towards reporters.  Lynch’s teammates  have done a great job of supporting his cause, and trying to deflect some of the spotlight off the mercurial tailback.

Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin believes the forced conversation is dumb.  Baldwin told the media that “it’s ridiculous Lynch is forced to speak to the media.”

“What is there to get? He doesn’t like talking to the media,” Baldwin said. “That’s not what he’s about. I think it’s ridiculous that the NFL forces him to do that. They’ve threatened fines; they’ve threatened suspensions that if he didn’t talk to the media they were going to come down with harsh punishment. I don’t get it. You get fined for talking too much, you get fined for not talking at all. I don’t think he’s misunderstood; that’s just who he is. There’s nothing to misunderstand. He’s the most up-front and blunt person about who he is, so I don’t think there’s much to misunderstand.”

Baldwin also told the media that Lynch is misunderstood, and is a really good dude.

“He’s a very caring person,” Baldwin said. “He’s compassionate about his teammates. He’s always looking out for his teammates, and it doesn’t matter what it is. He’s a big, caring guy. He’s not fake. He’s very blunt and honest about who he is. He doesn’t hesitate to voice his opinion about something to his teammates. A lot of respect is given to him because he’s that way.”