Joe Haden Hopes Mike Pettine Brings ‘Attitude’ To Browns


Joe Haden is tired of the losing, and if the Cleveland Browns don’t want to lose him, they may want to change the culture of the franchise.

Haden is relaxing in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl, bust rest assured he’s aware the home team just hired a new coach.  Haden doesn’t know much about Pettine, but he hope his new coach brings “swagger and an attitude with him to Cleveland.”


“I like attitude, definitely,” Haden said after Wednesday’s Pro Bowl practice.

“A coach can help a lot,” Haden said. “I think he is going to bring a mentality. A lot of teams take after their coach. Like the Steelers and (Mike) Tomlin. The way that he coaches is the way they go out there and play. So I think definitely the coach sets the frame for what the team looks like.”

Pettine is from the Philadelphia area, so I’m extremely familiar with his approach an attitude towards the game of football.  If Pettine to fine a good offensive coordinator, the Browns will be in great hands.