Man Gets Matt Bonner Tattoo (Photo)

Matt Bronner Tattoo

No, that title was not a typo.

There is a Florida barber from Matt Bonner’s hometown of Concord, N.H., described by his brother Luke as a “Concord Legend” that has a tattoo of the Red Mamba on his arm.
Luke described the unidentified man as someone with a unique style.

He has a unique style, including multiple tattoos of some of his high school friends. I guess he had been wanting to get a tattoo of Matt, but didn’t know what to get. Coincidentally, I sent out a group text to a link of an anime drawing of Matt that someone posted to Twitter, and that apparently served as inspiration. He actually got the tattoo. I’m hoping he gets a tattoo of me next as my finder’s fee. As you can imagine, he’s a pretty interesting character. His claim to fame is that he’s cut Dennis Rodman’s hair. Well, apparently that, and having a pretty sweet Matt Bonner tattoo.

Well, there you have it. The fact that his claim to fame is he cut Dennis Rodman’s hair tells me everything I need to know.

Matt was flattered by the gesture calling it “wicked awesome.” As I do whenever a man gets a tattoo of an athlete on them, I’m just going to call it weird.