Seattle Pays Texas A&M $5k A Year For Use Of “12th Man”


You have to admit the 12th Man in Seattle are definitely game changers.

In lieu of the birth to the Super Bowl, Texas A&M has been letting everyone know that the “12th Man” started in Texas. According to a Texas A&M blog,, Seattle has paid Texas A&M a lump sum of $100,ooo in 2006 along with $5,000 a year. In 2011, the Seahawks opted to renew the agreement for 5 more years. With their contract up in 2016, Im sure Seattle will opt to have the contract extended, the 12th man has become apart of that program. Seattle Fans are a huge factor at CenturyLink Field.

Below is a copy of their agreement:

12th man, LUCK

One thought on “Seattle Pays Texas A&M $5k A Year For Use Of “12th Man”

  • Avoid paying the fee’s, have a nice latte and call it what it really is – The 12th Woman.

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