Woman Admits Sleeping With So Many Men She’s Not Sure if Kris Humphries Gave Her Herpes


What Kayla Goldberg is saying is since Kris Humphries was the richest guy she slept with that is the reason she was suing him for giving her herpes.

But, Humphries doesn’t have herpes, so the lawsuit is sort of silly.

TMZ broke the story, Kayla Goldberg sued Humphries in 2012, claiming she had unprotected sex with Humphries two years prior in 2010 and he gave her genital herpes.

But apparently suing Kris isn’t the only thing that’s easy — according to new docs filed by Humphries’ attorneys, Kayla admitted during a recent deposition that she has no hard evidence he’s the one who gave her the herp … because she’s had multiple sexual partners.

Humphries wants her lawsuit dismissed.