Jameis Winston: I Can Be Star In Football And Baseball

New York Yankees Spring Training

I’m not sure if Jameis Winston is a good enough athlete to dominate to sports professionally, but I’m not going to knock his hustle for trying either.

The Heisman Trophy winner and the Seminoles baseball team had a nice exhibition against the New York Yankees on Tuesday.  Winston reportedly was 0-2 at the plate.

“It was surreal,” Winston said, after his Florida State team fell to the Yankees, 8-3. “Probably better than winning the national championship.”

He added: “Auburn wasn’t my favorite team growing up, but the Yankees definitely were. So this is obviously better.”

Winston, who didn’t pitch against the Yankees, told the New York Post that he feels he “can be a star in football in baseball.”

On the field, he did little to promote the idea he could follow in the footsteps of Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders and become a two-sport star;

“The times have changed. I know it was easier back then to play both sports,” said Winston, who has met Jackson and spoken with Sanders. “But I haven’t changed. Athletes have changed, mentalities have changed, but my mentality is still the same.”

“I’m just 20 years old, living my life, man,” Winston said. “I want to play both as long as I can.”