Jets Warn Geno Smith After Penis Photo Leak & Airline Incident

Geno Smith

The airline incident wasn’t his fault, that was just a rude flight attendant, the photo of his penis being leaked by a Twodel, that is just Geno being too trusting and not realizing he is a quarterback in the National Football League.

The Jets just want Geno to be more careful.

“When you’re a quarterback in the NFL and you’re a quarterback for a franchise in a big market such as New York, all eyes are on you 24/7,” Idzik said. “I think Geno is experiencing this first-hand. Obviously, I’ve kept in close contact with him. This is part of learning how to deal with these things.

“We’ve addressed them, he’s addressed them, so [I have] no real concerns that way. It’s just how to deal with your celebrity and the visibility that goes along with that position.”

Smith acknowledged that he spoke to Ryan about the potential pitfalls of life in the limelight.

“Rex basically explained that he and I, because of the position we’re in — head coach and quarterback — we’re looked at differently,” Smith said. “I understand and I knew that prior to the conversation, but it’s always good to get more light from him. He was understanding, so it was all good.”

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  • Ok.. so the coach that was uploading videos of black men playing with his wife’s feet to youtube, is giving out lessons on the dangers of social media.


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