Norv Turner Wants To Spread The Field For Adrian Peterson


Adrian Peterson is a beast at tailback, so imagine how effective he would be with some space and room to run.  It Norv Turner has any say in it, Peterson will run wild next season.

Turner wants to run an offense that gets the ball to his best player in space, and reportedly wants to focus on getting Peterson the ball as a pass catcher as well.

Turner told ESPN that he wantst to spread the field with formations that will allow Peterson to get loose often in space.

“He’s run the ball in closed-in quarters with a lot of defenders there and he makes a lot of long runs, making people miss or running over people,” Turner said, via ESPN. “It’s hard to do, but we would like to get him in space and getting the field spread a little bit better for him.”

Turner says Peterson was excited the first time they spoke.

“He was excited. It was a very casual conversation,” Turner said. “At this time of year, you don’t talk football, but I think players and coaches know about players and coaches in the league. He’s talked to people I’ve coached and been with. I think he understands that the biggest thing to me is we’re trying to win. He’s at a point in his career where he’d like to go, No. 1, be in the playoffs, and No. 2 have success in the playoffs and ultimately win a championship. I think he’s at a point in his career where he’s done a lot of things in individual goals and accomplishments. And he expressed that whatever it takes for us he wants to do.”

Peterson had more carries against eight-man fronts than any running back in the NFL the past two seasons.

One thought on “Norv Turner Wants To Spread The Field For Adrian Peterson

  • Norv Turner is a great offensive coordinator. Every team he’s been a part of has had a solid running game and passing game. he has balance in his offense. The problem is they need a solid QB who can throw the ball downfield and I don’t trust a front office that drafted Ponder. With AP in the backfield there will be plenty of opportunities to move the ball effective in the passing game. You cannot keep Ponder because he cannot get it done. He absolutely sucks.

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