Tony Gonzalez Says Matt Ryan Isn’t an Elite QB


I dislike the phrase “Elite Quarterback”, because in the grand scheme of things would you rather the elite title or the REAL TITLE.

Peyton Manning is by all accounts an elite quarterback, but it is Russell Wilson who is the champion this year.  I am sure if you asked Peyton if he rather  throw 26 TDs and win a Super Bowl or throw 55 TDs, win MVP and lose a Super Bowl what would he prefer the answer would be clear.

Tony Gonzalez had this to say about Matt Ryan to ESPN The Magazine courtesy of

“Matt’s an excellent quarterback,” Gonzalez said, “But he’s not elite. He’s this close.”

If he wants to join the ranks of the NFL’s elite with Aaron RodgersTom BradyPeyton Manning andDrew Brees, however, he’s going to have to improve on his 1-4 career playoff record while carrying the offense without benefit of a Hall of Fame tight end in 2014.

All those QBs have less Super Bowl rings than Eli Manning except Tom Brady and Eli beat him twice and the process stopped an undefeated season and Brady having as many rings as Montana and Bradshaw.

Question do you think Rodgers, Manning, Brees would give up “elite status” for another ring?

That is what I thought.