Gay Man Claims He Catfished Paul George Into Sending Naked Pics

Paul George Catfish 2

Paul George needs to stay off Skype, Facetime, Yacht Parties, Instagram or anything or any place that has big booty women or in this case a man pretending to be a big booty woman.

Classic catfish scheme, the gay man who calls himself Paul allegedly sends out thirst trap pics to guys (athletes and celebrities).  He pretends to be a thick white girl and the men are dumb enough to send back half naked and in some cases full naked selfies.

You can view the NSFW Photos allegedly of  Paul George below, either it is him or some great photoshopping.

Paul George Got Catfished #1
Paul George Got Catfished #2
Paul George Got Catfished #3
Paul George Got Catfished #4

There is a full NSFW photos on the guy’s tumblr page, but there is no way of confirming that is George or not, but considering the other photos, can’t rule it out.  Be smarter guys.


Paul George’s representatives, claims that it isn’t him in the photos, here is what they exclusively told BlackSportsOnline.

Please be advised that CAA Sports represents Paul George. It has come to our attention that you are featuring various photographs of Mr. George on your website. The graphic photo in question is not Mr. George.

It sound like they are saying most of the photos are him, but not the graphic one, but we didn’t post a graphic, so I am not sure what they are saying, but I digress.  For the record, we said these were allegations made by a gay catfisher and provide a link to the gay catfishers’ tumblr which should the graphic photo.

It is on you if you believe PG’s agents or not.