Mariano Rivera Puts $3 Million Into Renovating Old Church

mariano church


Mariano Rivera has spent his post retirement doing exactly what he’s always done off the field, giving back to the community.

Not only the greatest closer the game has ever seen, but one of the nicest human beings, as well. Rivera recently purchased a historic abandoned church for $1 with the promise that he would renovate it, for his wife who is a practicing minister. $3 million later and the church is now open to anyone who seeks refuge in a Higher Power.

The 107-year-old Church in New Rochelle, NY has been dubbed Pentecostal Refugio de Esperanza or Refuge of Hope. Rivera offered the following comments about the house of worship:

“You don’t do it to be recognized,…You do it because it comes from the heart. You want to please the Lord. We have whites, we have blacks, we have Hispanics,’ he said. We have all kinds. It doesn’t matter. As long as you love Christ, we in it. And if you don’t love him, we will work with you so we put you on the right path.”

Rivera played an active role in restoring the building, as he could be routinely seen with construction equipment fixing up the building. All the hardwork has paid off, as now his legacy as another place to live on off the field.

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