Mark Cuban Once Got Magic Johnson Kicked Off A Plane

Mark Cuban thinks the NBA should announce every missed call by refs.

I bet Mavs outspoken, party-going, billionaire owner Mark Cuban could have us baited with anticipation all day with the stories of his experiences.

Cuban, who was given an airline pass that allowed him and a guest to fly unlimited miles first class, recently told a group at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas how he once had Magic Johnson kicked off a plane.

“I used to go to clubs in LA and wherever and say, “Let’s go somewhere! Let’s go to Vegas,”and drag somebody [with me]. It was a first-class ticket for me and somebody else and if there weren’t seats available they’d have to kick somebody off [the flight].

“One day Magic Johnson comes bitching and moaning off the plane. He was the victim I guess. It made me look really good with that girl.”

Must be nice.

Money talks and although Magic is an extremely successful businessman, there’s BIG difference between a net worth that begins with a B rather than a M.

Hell,  you can give me a free pass to sit in coach at the back of the plane near the bathroom, center aisle and I’d be ecstatic.