NFL Exec On Michael Vick: “He’s Washed Up”

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The Michael Vick Experience is heading up the New Jersey Turnpike, and we’ll found out shortly just how prepared the big apple is for one of the most polarizing athletes of this generation.

Vick is as respected and revered a player that you’ll find in the league.

I’d bet a nice sum of money that Vick has just as much or probably more respect among his peers, than some of the more successful quarterbacks in the league today.

Opinions on Vick signing with the Jets are divided among fans and media, and it doesn’t have much to do with dogs.  From a football standpoint, Vick the name is still a player you envision driving a defense crazy with his laser left arm, and unbelievable speed.

Michael Vick the player seems to have lost a step, and according to ESPN New York, one longtime front-office executive believes the33-year-old Vick is “washed up.”

Opinions on the Vick signing are sharply divided among fans and media, which isn’t a surprise. I happen to think it’s a good deal, but I spoke to one longtime front-office executive who believes Vick, 33, is washed up.

“The Jets already have a guy like him ,” said the executive, referring to Geno Smith. “If you bring Vick in, you’re not thinking. It makes no sense. He’s a good kid. He’s more mature, he’s not a distraction and the players respect him, but he doesn’t bring anything to the table anymore — nothing. He can’t win with his legs anymore, he has to win with his head. His arm is good enough, but unfortunately, the arm isn’t connected to the head.”

An AFC personnel scout said of the Vick-for-Sanchez move: “I don’t know what to think, to be honest. You swap one out for the other. There’s still no long-term solution.”

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  • Mike Vick is washed up! His days in the NFL are numbered! I hope he saved his money!

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