Replay Will Not Be Used In MLB Season Opener In Australia

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Bad news for those who desperately want to see this new use of technology put to work.

The season opener in Australia between the Diamondbacks and Dodgers will not feature the use of replay. The standard use for home run and in-bounds calls will be the only exceptions.

Diamondbacks outfielder Mark Trumbo didn’t seem overly concerned:

“The game has been played the same way for decades, so a few more games probably won’t make a difference. At least I hope they won’t,” Arizona left fielder Mark Trumbo said before Friday’s exhibiton game against Oakland.

“In a perfect world, we would probably have it, but we won’t and we will have to deal with it. It’s just more new technology and you have to adjust,” he said.

He’s right, surely a few games won’t make too big of a deal, BUT in the event of a controversial blown call it could come back to haunt either team.

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