Tom Brady Gives Account, Offers Condolences Following Back Bay Fire


Following the tragic fire that ripped through a Back Bay apartment complex in Boston yesterday that left two firefighters dead, Pats QB Tom Brady, who happened to witness firsthand the raging 9-alarm fire, gave his account of the disaster while also offering heartfelt condolences to the two fallen firefighters and their grieving families.

Here’s what Brady had to say about the fire in an interview he gave Thursday morning to Boston radio station WEEI.

“I looked out of the front of our house and could see the flames, and then kind of went back to my room, and then went back about two minutes later and just saw it growing, and at that point I had gone to the back part of my house and from my deck I could see kind of what they were up against,” Brady said. “At that point, all the fire engines were coming down the street. I was watching for obviously a long time, and then at one point I saw a pretty big explosion of flames and a lot of the firemen were coming out of the building, and that’s when I really got nervous.”

“Our lives were never in jeopardy at all, thanks to those men,” Brady said.

“You realize a lot of your things, your house, could just be gone, and you’ve got to think about obviously our lives is what’s most important,” he said. “You know, the firemen who risked their lives, that’s who I just can’t pay enough respect toward.”

Brady also offered his sympathy to the deceased firefighters.

“I feel so badly for the families of the two firefighters that were lost, and obviously all of the men that were associated with fighting that fire yesterday losing one of their close friends,” said Brady, a Back Bay resident.

“We as athletes think that we’re heroes, but when you witness firsthand what I saw yesterday, you realize who the real heroes are in this world, and that’s the people that work hard to protect our lives and protect our safety and our freedoms in America, and certainly the firefighters and Boston police and the state troopers.”

“So I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

You can listen to the interview in its entirety by clicking here. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the heroic firefighters, their families, their firefighting brethren, and anyone affected by this horrific tragedy.